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Base plate

A part of your machine

A part of your machine

Base plates

The Base Plates from SCHURTER are part of your machine in various ways. On the one hand it is a piece of the housing, determining how robust and durable your application is. On the other hand, the Base Plate determines how your Front Foil or Decorative Foil will take shape.

SCHURTER’s Base Plates come in a variety of materials and we can assist you when it comes to the choice of material. In addition, we offer various techniques which will boost the durability and quality of your Base Plate.

Benefits of SCHURTER Base Plates

 • Our base plates are extremely durable

 • Our base plates are suitable for any application

 • A vast array of different processing techniques available, and these can be combined

 • Suitable for both small and large print runs

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SCHURTER’s Metal Front Foils as a durable solution

Base Plates from SCHURTER are used virtually anywhere machinery is present. It's part of your machine. The manifold different techniques that can be combined ensure that the right solution for your application can always be found.

For many of our customers the durability of our Base Plates have been the deciding factor that prompted them to choose SCHURTER. You'll find our Base Plates being used for all sorts of things, from outdoor applications to large industrial machinery. Wherever there's a machine, a Base Plate from SCHURTER can be used.

Materials and Techniques

Base plates made of high-quality metal or plastic

The Base Plates from SCHURTER are usually made of high-quality metal or plastic. This results in extreme durability and is a genuine advantage to your machinery.

A variety of techniques can be used to render our Base Plates suitable for your application. Etching, polishing, milling, embossing - virtually everything is possible and will give your machinery the durability it deserves.

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