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Compact Power Entry Module for PCB Mounting

DA22 – SCHURTER releases appliance inlet combined with line filter and fuseholder for mounting on printed circuit boards

DA22, SCHURTER's latest power entry module (PEM) is built compact and provides maximum electrical power density. The unit offers optimal EMC filter performance, features built-in overload protection and ensures resource-saving mounting.

The DA22 product line, specifically designed for PCB mounting, combines an IEC appliance inlet, a fuse and a filter into one unit. Pre-wired, this product requires only minimal PCB space and can be mounted with very little time required for wiring.

This new PEM integrates EMC filtering and shielding directly at the point of power entry, which has an optimal effect on electromagnetic compatibility. Overload protection is provided by a 1-pole or

2-pole fuseholder for 5x20 fuse links.

The unit is screwed onto the appliance chassis' wall from the inside, the screw-on connection with the printed circuit board ensuring optimal mechanical safety.

DA22 is rated for currents up to 10 A at 125/250 VAC. The entire product line is ENEC and cURus approved and meets the requirements for appliances according to IEC 60950. The versions featuring Extrasafe fuseholders and medical appliance filters are ideally suited to medical appliances according to IEC 60601-1.


- IEC 60320 appliance inlet, Type C14 including standard or medical line filter

- 1-pole or 2-pole fuseholder for 5x20 fuse links

- Max. nominal current: 10 A at 125/250 VAC

- Screw-on mounting on front panel and PCB

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