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“Explosion hazard” during ATEX training at SCHURTER

You can benefit in the future from absolutely "safe" HMI products from SCHURTER. An ATEX in-house training has further enhanced the know-how and knowledge of HMI products that must be certified for safe operation in ATEX-related environments.

The training was attended by account managers, sales personnel, product developers, mechatronics, development and quality engineers to bring their ATEX knowledge to a current and highest level.

Today there is an increasing demand for ATEX certified input systems that will be used in hazardous environments such as oil and gas processing systems, petrochemical industry and food industry. Since these ATEX approved products are mostly customer-specific designed, these types of products fit perfectly in the SCHURTER portfolio. Together with the customer, SCHURTER will be early involved in the process of specification and development of an ATEX certified product.

With this additional training, SCHURTER knows and understands the customer’s wishes and requirements in the field of ATEX, which leads to added value for the customer.

The ATEX training covered current and basic ATEX knowledge such as guidelines, directives, standards, regulations, product marking and zone classification. Furthermore, in-depth know-how regarding the practical and hardware implementation such as protection methods, connection technology, housing and installation of ATEX products was developed - especially for the mechanical engineers and product developers.

With this expanded in-house knowledge of ATEX, SCHURTER is now your partner to produce ATEX-certified products - an added value especially for customers in the field of hazardous environments.

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