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First time right by computer modelling

Push the technical boundaries and go beyond

"Computer modelling of the sensor design in a virtual surrounding makes it possible to optimise it. We can search for the boundaries of the technology to meet the customers' requirements on all fronts" - Edwin de Koning, development engineer touch systems

Each new capacitive sensor will be virtually modelled by SCHURTER first, before it is designed and produced in-house. By modelling the sensor, using the Finite Element Method (FEM), we can establish the optimum sensor design for customer specific conditions.

SCHURTER gains deep knowledge and understanding of the performance of the touch sensor by virtually modelling each newly designed sensor. The time consuming and laborious "trial and error" method is replaced by computer modelling. Our first time right policy is achieved by evaluating 100 different designs in the virtual surrounding. Only the best design will be produced.

Your optimum touch sensor

SCHURTER is convinced that computer modelling saves time and money and most important; it ensures the sensor to work according the customers' requirements in the first production run.

If you would like to consult SCHURTER on your quest to the optimum touch sensor, do not hesitate to contact us.

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