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Metal pushbutton switch offers IP67 protected contact system

Schurter announced today the extension of its popular MSM series to include an IP67 protected contact system. This added seal protection increases the safety and performance of the switch in critical applications.

For regular environmental conditions, the MSM contact system is protected by a seal integrated in the mechanical pushbutton and by a sealing ring secured to the housing. If high humidity occurs or water leaks through the opening into the housing, it becomes necessary to use the version with increased seal protection of the contact system.

For such applications SCHURTER offers an IP67 protected contact system. The switch is available with electrical rating of 6A / 250 VAC. Alternative electrical ratings and additional types are available on request. The switch fits tight to the panel, with a height of only 1.7 mm. Mounting diameters for the MSM series are 16, 19, 22 and 30 mm. Point and ring illuminated versions are available for applications where optical status indications are desired, such as dark conditions or disability access systems.

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