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Optical Bonding for PCAP Touchscreens

SCHURTER Input Systems develops and manufactures projected capacitive touchscreens to your requirements and specification. In all cases, whether your application is used in operating theatres or in rough outdoor conditions, the readability needs to be perfect.

In order to ensure the optimum view from any angle, SCHURTER offers the possibility of Optical Bonding. The air gap between the cover glass of the touchscreen and the display is filled with high transparently Optical Bonding adhesive. This filling prevents reflections, increases the contrast ratio and thus the readability.

In addition to substantial improvements in the readability and the contrast and brightness of the colours, the mechanical robustness of the touch panel is increased by Optical Bonding. No condensation moisture can arise and no dust or dirt particles can penetrate. By filling the insulating air gap, heat is dissipated through the front glass to the outside.

SCHURTER can provide you with fully functional prototypes as well as production quantities that have optical bonding, thanks to our in-house production capabilities.

prod //cdn.schurter.com Optical-Bonding-DI-100948-209091