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SCHURTER - Code of Conduct

SCHURTER imposes the Code of Conduct that represents binding guidelines for the actions of both managers and employees of the SCHURTER Group. As an exemplary company for Business Execllence, company ethics and corporate governance are of significant importance.

It is the fundamental strategy of SCHURTER to ensure a lasting and sustainable business success through innovation, high product and service quality, flexibility and customer proximity.

This Code of Conduct authenticates the position of SCHURTER and is to be understood as a proclamation to all stakeholders. Through this it thus possible for business partners, employees and competitors to conduct themselves with integrity in a fair and honest manner at all times without the fear of being at a disadvantage.

SCHURTER, its board of directors and management at all levels are obliged to set good examples of integrity in their daily business ethics and to be responsible for compliance and implementation of the Code of Conduct.

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