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SUT-H: for high inrush currents

With the SUT-H, SCHURTER introduces a new 6.3x32 mm ceramic fuse for single-phase applications for high rated currents from 10 A to 50 A. Thanks to a particularly high melting integral, it is particularly suitable for applications in which high inrush currents occur.

The new SCHURTER SUT-H is technically based on the proven SUT. In contrast to the known fuse, the SUT-H has a much higher melting integral, which makes it particularly pulse resistant. High inrush currents, such as occur in power supply units, are therefore resisted without complaint.

The fuse is offered for direct mounting on the PCB with pigtails or with a solid beryllium-copper clip (SCHURTER CQP), which allows an easy replacement of the fuse without soldering. The clip can be operated up to 30 A, which is much more than a standard tinned clip, which can normally only be used up to a rated current of 10 A.

The new 6.3x32 mm SUT-H ceramic fuse opens up completely new areas of application by extending the rated current range up to 50 A and improving the release characteristics.

The fuse meets the requirements of the UL 248-14 standard, is cURus approved and RoHS compliant. The SUT-H is developed and manufactured by Chi Lick SCHURTER in China.

Unique Selling Proposition

High I²t at high breaking capacity rating

Current Range up to 50 A

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