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Snap-in switch - Metal switch snaps into tight spaces

Schurter expands its range of metal switches with a new mounting technology.

The switches can be assembled from the front side of the equipment without additional fastening from the rear side. The new snap-in technology enables quick assembly. Due to this method of mounting, the metal switches can be used in applications with limited assembly space or where the access to the rear side of the housing is not possible. Typical fields of application are found in building technology or in machine construction with hollow profiles.

A further advantage is the cost savings as additional fastening material can be omitted and the assembly time can be reduced. Conventional metallic switches have to be fixed by a nut or a clamp from the rear side of the housing. For the snap-in switches mounting accessories or assembly tools are not required.

Therefore, the switches can be placed closer together due to additional spacing on the rear side. The snap-in technology is available for metal switches with a mounting diameter of 19, 22, 24, 27 and 30 mm.

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