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Tough but elegant

Switches for harsh outdoor applications are exposed to the most extreme influences: Vandalism, weather, fluctuations in temperature, fine dust and more. With Metal Line, SCHURTER proves that robustness, functionality and absolute reliability are entirely compatible with aesthetics and elegance.

After all, switches are meant to be touched. They are constantly pressed. And our fingers are highly sensitive sensors. We immediately sense the surface texture of a switch. Cheap or high quality? We decipher this in an instant.

Metal Line

The Metal Line from SCHURTER includes a variety of switches using various technologies (stroke, piezo and capacitive) designed specifically to protect against destructive damage and for use in extreme environments. Metal Line switches are extremely resistant. The switches are designed for a lifetime of up to 20 million activations.

Outdoor: Problems

The use of input systems outdoors involves a lot of challenges and problems. In order to select the right components to be used, all the influencing factors in the environment of the respective input system must be taken into account. The location, climatic requirements and the function to be triggered are all essential factors in this process. In most cases, where appliances are exposed in the open without any form of protection, calculations must take into account sub-zero temperatures and therefore also snow and ice. Under such conditions, switches with stroke can temporarily malfunction. Water can penetrate into the gap between the moving parts. If the temperature falls below zero, this freezes, and the actuator can no longer be pressed down to make full contact. These situations are elegantly avoided with a piezo-actuated system of the SCHURTER PSE series.

Pollution, dust, exhaust gases or even spilled liquids are other factors that can make life difficult for an input system. Input systems set up outdoors are often more exposed to deliberate vandalism and improper handling. It is essential that they feature high impact resistance (IK value) and/or a high level of impermeability (IP value). It is exactly for all these reasons that the Metal Line offers the right switch for every conceivable application.


The particularly distinctive variety of the SCHURTER Metal Line makes it easy for designers and manufacturers to choose the right model for their specific technical and design requirements. Different installation dimensions, switch types, installation methods, housing materials and lighting colors form a creative basis to facilitate every design wish.

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