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"WRF meets …“ a visit at Schurter GmbH in Endingen

On the 19th of April, the WRF institution (Economic Development Region Fribourg) visited Schurter GmbH Endingen.

The WRF is dedicated to helping regional actors from politics, business and science to network, to develop the specific potentials of the region and to market the location. The society provides location consulting and marketing, innovation and technology support, the promotion of industry-specific networks and cooperations as well as technical conferences and experts’ meetings.

As part of the event series "WRF meets ..." Schurter presented its products and developments to more than 80 guests - members from cities and municipalities, regional loan institutes, chambers, associations, regional bodies and enterprises.

Head of the District Authority and Deputy Chairman of the WRF, Mr. Hanno Hurth, opened the event with his speech about the positive economic development in the region and illustrated the locational advantages of the border triangle with the proximity to Switzerland (parent company) and France/Alsace (workforce) with the example of Schurter.

Afterwards the CEO of Schurter GmbH, Mr. Bruno Ochs, made a presentation of the company and especially on the subject "quality and innovation as a guarantee of success".

During the factory tour, the single production steps of the company were presented. The guests were very impressed by the depth of this complex production, the advanced manufacturing and assembly units as well as the modern qualification laboratory.

Head of District Authority Hanno Hurth, CEO of SGmbH Bruno Ochs, Mayor of Endingen Hans-Joachim Schwarz

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