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    SCHURTER Cord Sets with V-Lock Cord Retaining System for many country-specific plugs and cord lenghts. Unexpected disconnection of cables is prevented.



    Medical Equipment

    SCHURTER components for high-grade medical equipment come into use wherever certified and perfectly safe solutions are in demand.



Landing Page Fuseholder

SCHURTER is launching a special landing page due to the new IEC 60127-6 standard for fuseholders. Fuseholders are safety-relevant components and are suitable for the use of fuse inserts in electrical and electronic devices. SCHURTER offers the world's broadest range of open and closed ...


SCHURTER presents itself on January 18, 2018 at the symposium EMC/Radio 2018

Contact our EMC experts to find out which solutions are the right ones for you.


Balancing act

Without battery balancing, the weakest cell in a multicell battery always determines the capacity of the entire system. However, since individual cells age differently, it is not possible to ensure that all cells have the same capacity, even with a conscientious selection. It needs different ...


Light pipe for status indication

More intelligence is the watchword for power supply. Terms such as "Smart Grid" and "Intelligent Power Grid" are on everyone's lips. This development will permeate our everyday life. Especially when there are solutions that make this intelligence efficient and easy to use.
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