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Building Equipment

Building Equipment

Building Equipment

SCHURTER offers individual input systems fo the requirements of the Human Machine Interface solutions in building automation. Our touch solutions, membrane switches and capacitive solutions behind glass are used in building management, such as in access control systems, communication centres and alarm systems.

Input systems from SCHURTER - from single front panels to a complete Plug & Play HMI unit - meet the specific requirements such as long lifetimes, reliability and functionality as well as cost-efficient implementations.

SCHURTER understands, and is very experienced with, the requirements of Human Machine Interfaces within building equipment.

Among many other requirements, our solutions are:

   • Cost effective

   • Water resistant

   • Readable in outdoor environments

   • Can be made following the latest designs

SCHURTER can assist you in a very early stage with the development of your building equipment related application. From only a front panel to a Plug & Play complete HMI unit.

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